What Is Database Management System

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Database Management System


Data : The raw fact through which an objection be identified copmletely
is known as Data.

The collection of interrelated data about a particular object is known as

Data File :
The organised collection of interrelated information is known as Data files

Database: It is the organize collection of interrelated data files is known
as database.

It is a software which acts as an interface between stored data and user .
It is used for managing the database i.e. access the data modify the data,
deleting the data etc.

Data view:
It is used to customize view of a data table for sorting ,filtering ,searching
editing and navigation ,data views does not store data but instead of
represents a connected view its corresponding data table.

Advantages :

1. Controlling Redundancy
2. Restricting Unauthorized access
3. Compatibility with different languages
4. Providing storage structure for efficient
5. Backup and recover.
6. Multiple user interface
7. Flexibility
8.Redundancy application time

Disadvantages :

  1. It can’t be use for everyone
  2. High investment at initial stage
  3. Over head lost for security
  4. Recovery cost high

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