What Is Database Languages In DBMS

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Database Languages :

Database language are used to create and maintain database on

Types :
1. Database Definition Language (DDL)

It is used for specifying the database schema,it is used for creating
tables ,schema indexes constraints etc.

CREATE – To create the database
ALTER -Alter the structure of database
DROP- Drop /delete the database
TRUNCATE – Delete table
RENAME- Rename database
COMMENT – To comment

2.Data Manipulation Language (DML)
it is used to accessing and manipulating data in a database

SELECT- Read records from table
INSERT – Insert records into table
UPDATE – Update data to table
DELETE – Delete records from a table

3.Data Control Language (DCL)
it is used for granting and revoking user access on a database.

GRANT- To give the grant access to user
REVOKE- To revoke access from user

4.Transmission Control Language (TCL)
It is the changes on database that we made using DML commands are either performed or roll on backed using TCL.


COMMIT-To priest the changes made by the DML command in database
ROLLBACK-To rollback the changes made to the database.

5. Database Administrator
DBA is one of the user who can issue multiple different core operation
with in the database.

Different DBA Activities
1.Schema Definition
2.Storage Structure and access method definition
3.Schema and physical organisation modification of data access
4.Routine maintanance
5.Granting of authorization of data access.

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