How To Mix Two Song In Virtual Dj

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Hello friends welcome to today we are going to learn how to mix two song with the help of software.

In this post we are going to learn some useful tricks about the song mixing with the help of Virtual DJ.

Why we need Mix song ?

Now a days music is one of the best part of our life so that everyone used various software to do this . In this tutorial we are going to use a free software Virtual box.

Virtual box is a free software which is used play music more than one song at a time . it has a features that itcan recored any song when playback is started .

Step 1 – 1st of all we need to download the Virtual Dj From Here

Step 2 – Install and open the software and Add two track i.e. one is left dick and another is right dick.

Step 3 – Now choose the master tab and click on recording


Step 4 – Now give a file name and click on save

Step 5 – Choose recording button and play a song

Step 6 – Navigate the balance to the left side and play right dick song


Step 7 – Again navigate the balance to right for right side song recording


Step 8 – Continue step 6 and step 7 then it will automatically save the song

if you face any error then comment us we will sure help you .

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