how to make dual boot with windows and ubuntu

How To Make Dual Boot Windows With Ubuntu

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Welcome back to our blog today we are going to learn how to make dual boot in our laptop with some easy tricks.

Dual boot what did its mean ?

Dual boot means boot to 2 different OS with the same laptop or pc. i.e. one laptop/pc having 2 different Os.

In this tutorial we are going to learn how we can dual boot a system having windows 10 and we will install Ubuntu to the same laptop.

To make dual boot a laptop we need the iso file of another os known as Ubuntu

To install Ubuntu 1st we need to create a bootable pendrive for Ubuntu then that pendrive plug into the system and change the boot priority to USB so that the Os can loaded from the pendrive.

Step 1 – Now it loaded from the pendrive and showing the Ubuntu screen

Step 2 – Now choose install Ubuntu

Step 3 – choose language , region and keyboard layout.

Step 4 – Go with something else and choose install update

Step 5 – Now it is the time for partition

Step 6 – 1st you need to partition for swap i.e. allocate the memory for RAM . You need to allocate the RAM size according to your main Laptop/PC RAM. For example if you have 4GB RAM then you have to SWAP 2GB for Ubuntu.

Step 7 – Now the remaining all the free space are allocated to root partition that ” / ” assign.

Step 8 – Now click on Install to install ubuntu

wait for some time you will see the notification that Installation Successful. Restart the system to change the effect.

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