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Hello users welcome back to our blog . Today we are going to create a new topic i.e. how we can install windows in our laptop/pc.

I am confirm that after reading this post you can able to install windows in laptop or any pc without the help of someone.

lets start the the procedure that how to install windows.

Before going to main topic how to install windows in our laptop we need a the requirement for doing this.


1 – Windows 10 Iso File

2 – Pendrive (Min 8 gb)

3 – Bootable Software(PowerIso/Rufus)

1st we need to make the bootable pendrive.

To make bootable pendrive install PowerIso/rufus in your pc then run it as administrator,

Now your bootable pendrive is ready to boot windows 10 from it.

Step 1 -Turn of the pc./laptop

step 2 – Go to the bios setup and change the boot priority options for change the boot sequence order and set pendrive/usb drive to 1st and save it by pressing F10.

Step 3 – Now the system booting from the bootable pendrive.

Step 4- Choose language,region and keyboard layout.

Step 5 – Click on install Now.

Step 6 – Manual Partition choose.

Step 7 – Format the partition where you want to install the windows and click on next

Now wait for some will take 30 mins to install.

Now enjoy windows 10 ….


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