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How To Fix Windows 10 Time Automatically Wrong

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Hello AllHindiSong user today i am going to post a technical post that how to fix windows 10 time being wrong.

There are some time we see that our pc/laptop tine being wrong automatically after the boot . This is the issue of our time zone .

If you belongs to India and you select the time zone to Chennai,Kolkata but after some time when we restart our pc/laptop it being wrong. To fix this problem there are more than one solution is availbale.

Step To Fix The Time Changed Issue Fix Windows 10 Time :

Step 1 : Open search box in windows 10 and type Services .

Step 3 : Now the services menu open you can see the various services that are currently running in your computer.

Step 3 : Scroll down to the Windows Time.

Step 4 : Right click on it and choose Properties .

Step 5 : Change Startup Type to Automatic on click on apply.

Step 6 : Now close that menu by clicking OK

Now all are fixed you can see your time will automatically changed to the current time .

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