How To Find Part Number in Electoral Roll.

Tech Tips

Process of finding the Part Number in Electoral Roll.

Step 1 : Open the National Voters’ Services Portal. Click Here To Go.

Step 2 : (a) Search Name in Electoral Roll by Personal Details.

In this method we use our personal details to check details in Electoral Roll. You need to enter the below details :
Name* :
Father’s Name :
Age/DOB :
Gender :
State :
District/Constituency :

Step 2 : (b) Search Name in Electoral Roll by EPIC Number

In this method you can use EPIC Number to check all details in Electoral Roll. Only enter your EPIC no

EPIC No. * :
State :
Note : ‘EPIC No.’ is mandatory to enter.

Step 3 : See your Election Officials under Polling Station

Now you can see your Polling Station Location.

Step 4 : Check the Electoral Roll (E-Roll)

Now you will find Election Officers’ Contact Details. Below these details you will find link saying ‘Click here for Electoral Roll(Pdf)- E-Roll’.S

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