How To Delete Google Analytics Profiles

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Hello everyone welcome back to our website today we are going to learn how to delete an analytics profiles which are not used for some days so you want to delete that profiles.

Google Analytics is a program which is used by every blogger and website owner. It provides the details about traffic of a website and how users are interacting your website.

If you had a blog which is not now present but still the account is on Google Analytics ? Do you want to clean up your analytics account ? so here is the right place to learn how to delete.

Step to delete analytics profiles.

Step 1 : Login your analytics Account

Step 2 : Click the Admin tab at the top of right of any Analytics page.

Step 4 : Click the account that contains the profile you want to delete.

Step 5 : Click the web property from which you want to delete the profile.

Step 6 : Use the Profile menu to select the profile.

Step 7 : Click the Profile Settings tab.

Step 8 : Click Delete this Profile at the bottom of the page.

Step 9 : Click Delete in the confirmation message.

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