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How To Connect Projector To Laptop

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Hello everyone this is a technical post that How To Connect Projector To Laptop

For display video or any other study related topic we need to project by the help of a projector so i am going to write a post about How To Connect Projector To Laptop

NOTE : Before Going to connect projector to laptop you must turned off the laptop as well as your projector

Step 1 – Connect the VGA cable with your laptop external video port to projector.

video port

Step 2 – Plug the projector power cable to electrical plug and turned on the projector.

Step 3 – Turned on your laptop.

Step 4 – Now Synchronize your laptop with projector with by the Projector key in your laptop In case of HP laptop the key is F4 (For other it may be F5,F7,F8)

All are set now you can see your pc screen with projector

Enjoy Thanks

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