how to add site to google

how to add your site to google

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Hello if you are a web developer or any individual having a website and you want publish your site to google then you are the right place to learn how to add website to google .

Every site owner want its site index to google and rank in the several search engine so that more number of user come to his site so google search console is the best place to do so.

Google search console is one of the google product that monetizing your site traffic as well as SEO of your site .

When an user submit his site ton google search console google bots are visit that site and index the pages of your site. Slowly slowly your site rank increases day by day .

So in this tutorial we learn how to add our site to google search console and index our site.

How To Add Your Site To Google

Step 1 – You need to sign up google search console with your gmail – Link Here

Step 2 – Choose add property to add your site . enter you full site name and click on continue.

Step 3 – Choose a verification method to verify your site. HTML code is best to verify site. Simply copy the html code and paste is to the site <head>paste code here</head> .

Now choose verify google automatically verify the site and add it to the google search console.

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